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Whatcha gonna do now? Your high school career is over, but a new chapter of your life is just starting.  Why not let people know what you're up to and Submit Your Name for inclusion in the Section One Wrestling College Signings Database?  Section One wrestlers are getting into top ranked universities every year.  So...

Submit your college plans now and show everybody why high school wrestling is one of the best kept secrets in college admissions.


*Indicates plans to wresle.

Arcara, Mark - SUNY Cortland (NY)*

Barbo, Matt - UNC Greensboro (NC)*

Bucci, Ron - University of Maryland (MD)

Caruso, Peter - McDaniel College (MD)*

Contrata, Kyle - American University (DC)*

Delamonthe, Justin - Morrisville State (NY)*

DiSanto, Ron - Rhode Island College (RI)*

Holmon, Jake - Morrisville State (NY)*

Oddo, Tom - Wesleyan University (CT)*

Rice, David - New York University (NY)*

Stambovsky, Zeke - University of Maryland (MD)*

Volpe, Al - St. Joe's (PA)

Weiner, Sam - Wesleyan University (CT)

Aquino Roithmayer, Nick - University of  Oregon (OR)

Bachmeier, Joe - Iona (NY)

Colombo, Dave - Morrisville State (NY)

Contrata, Rick - Penn State (PA)

Esteves, Michael - SUNY Cortland (NY)

Friedman, Kyle - Bloomsburg University (PA)

Hopkins, Tim - Mesiah College (PA)

Jagoda, Adam - SUNY Oneonta (NY)

Leeber, Stephen - Northeastern University (MA)

Lewis, Tim - Sacred Heart University (CT)

Lutz, Dan - University of Scranton (PA)

Martin, Ryan - ARMY (West PT. NY)

Scott, Greg - George Mason University (VA)

Speigel, Ben - Syracuse University (NY)

Turrone, Shane - Drexel University (PA)

Zurla, Marc - Columbia University (NY)

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