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Featured USA Olympic & Freestyle Wrestling Videos

Here you'll find a collection of Olympic and freestyle wrestling videos.  We're using the power of Google video and You Tube to build an Olympic and freestyle wrestling video library.  There's some classic clips featuring greats like John Smith, Zeke Jones, the Brands brothers, Kendall Cross, Bob Weaver, Cael Sanderson and others.   

You might need to disable your pop-up blocker or hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the videos, depending on your PC's configuration.  Some of the videos are without thumbnails because of copyright issues with the video owners, so we've provided a text link to those videos which will open up in a new window.  Enjoy...

1996 Olympic Trials - Kendall Cross vs. Terry Brands


1984 Olympic Trials - Bob Weaver (PA) vs Paul Widerman (NY) - Match 1

1991 World Championships - Zeke Jones vs 4-time World champion Valentin Jordanov



1972 Olympics Flashback "The Throw"  Grand Amplitude With 420 lbs.

World Cup Flashback "Mean" Gene Mills vs Russia's Beloglazov