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Northeast Region Toughest for College Admissions - Top 50 Ranked Colleges

For Northeast residents, trying to gain admission to the nation's top 50 ranked colleges, located somewhat close to home can be a very frustrating experience.  Although the South has been increasing their high school academic requirements over the last decade, the Northeast still ranks high as far as competitive high school academics. 

Add to that, the fact that the Northeast has the highest concentration of the most desired top ranked universities in the country (The Northeast boasts 19 of the top 50 ranked universities and a whopping 7 of the top 10) and what you get is a very tough admissions environment. 

Find out which are the top 50 ranked U.S. universities at the bottom of this page.

I've found out regardless of what your're told by admissions offices, it all comes down to numbers.  Diversity is king and all colleges want to show they have it.  That means only so many kids with perfect SAT scores, so many kids with perfect high school GPA's and of course, so many kids from each geographical region get in. 

What this all means is that prospective students from the Northeast should have a diverse mix of schools on their wish list.  For Northeastern students, if a Northeast region college is the most important factor, then applying to some of the less popular colleges in the region might be a safety valve if they don't gain admission into their dream school. 

By: Rick Contrata

2007 Top 50 Ranked U.S. Colleges

1. Princeton University (NJ)

2. Harvard University (MA) 


3. Yale University (CT) 


4. California Institute of Technology (CA)


5. Stanford University (CA) 


6. Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (MA)


7. University of Pennsylvania (PA)


8. Duke University (NC) 


9. Dartmouth College (NH) 


10. Columbia University (NY) 


11. University of Chicago (IL)


12. Cornell University (NY) 


13. Washington University in St. Louis (MO) 


14. Northwestern University (IL) 


15. Brown University (RI) 


16. Johns Hopkins University (MD) 


17. Rice University (TX) 


18. Vanderbilt University (TN) 


19. Emory University (GA) 


20. University of Notre Dame (IN) 


21. Carnegie Mellon University (PA) 


22. University of California—Berkeley CA) 


23. Georgetown University (DC) 


24. University of Virginia (VA)


25. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (MI)


26. Univ. of California—Los Angeles (CA) 


27. U. of North Carolina—Chapel Hill (NC)


28. Univ. of Southern California (CA)


29. Tufts University (MA) 


30. Wake Forest University (NC) 


31. College of William and Mary (VA) *


32. Brandeis University (MA) 


33. Lehigh University (PA) 


34. Univ. of Wisconsin—Madison (WI)


35. Boston College (MA)


36. New York University (NY)


37. University of Rochester (NY) 


38. Case Western Reserve Univ.(OH) 


39. Univ. of California—San Diego (CA)


40. Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)


41. U. of Illinois—Urbana - Champaign (IL)


42. University of Washington (WA)


43. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. (NY) 


44. University of California—Irvine (CA)


45. Tulane University (LA)


46. Yeshiva University (NY) 


47. Penn State—University Park (PA)


48. University of Texas—Austin (TX)


49. University of California—Davis (CA)


50. Univ. of California—Santa Barbara (CA)

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