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NYSWCA Fight To Make It Right

The Fight to Make it Right is the campaign to bring multiple-entry to the New York State Wrestling Championships and give New York State High School wrestlers the same opportunities as other sports in New York State.  This initiative, sponsored by the NYSWCA (New York State Wrestling Coaches Association) and the pending legislation in Albany (Fairness in Competition Bill), needs the support of the wrestling community to make it a reality.

Download the Latest NYSWCA Multiple-Entry Format Proposal

Why Support the Fight to Make it Right?

If a picture can speak a thousand words, then the video presentaion from the NYSWCA should inform and enlighten you on the problem, the solution and the obstacles which have hampered progress over the last several years.


Section One urges you to CLICK HERE to get all the information and a chronological timeline of the effort from the NYSWCA website.  There's lots of information you can download, including all the info you need to support a multiple-entry format for the annual NYSPHSAA wrestling tournament.

View/download recent letter sent to coaches

View/download NYSWCA National Survey of Wrestling Tournament Formats

Find/Contact Your Assembly Representative Here

Find/Contact Your State Senator Here

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