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Glossary of Wrestling & Website Terms from glossary of wrestling and website terms. 

Aerobic Activity - Activity that produces energy using oxygen, carbs and fat.

Anaerobic Activity - Activity that produces energy using carbs and fat without oxygen.

Anaerobic Threshold - Point when the energy pathway begins to burn fuel without oxygen.

ATP - Adenosine Triphosphate - The body's energy source.

Back Points - (See "Near Fall")


Bottom - The wrestler who is down (disadvantage) in the referees position.

Calorie Debt - When calories burned exceed calories consumed.


Choice - Term used to describe the option given to a wrestler during a match.  They include top, bottom or neutral.


Clasping - A penalty assessed against a wrestler who clasps their hands together while riding his opponent in the referees position during a match.


Creatine - A naturally occuring amino acid the body uses during short intense periods of physical activity. Creatine Monohydrate is used as a supplement by athletes to help increase the period of intense activity before the body must find other energy sources to continue muscular function.


Defer - When a wrestler defers his right to choose top, bottom or neutral until the third period.


Exposure - (See "Near Fall")

FILA - Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées - A Federation that acts as a  governing body for International wrestling.


Folkstyle - The wrestling style practiced in the U.S. from youth programs to the college level.


Freestyle - The International style of wrestling designed to encourage continuous action and maximum point scoring.  International freestyle wrestling is governed by FILA.


Grand Amplitude - A freestyle wrestling throw in which the opponent is taken from his feet to his back while "describing a broadly sweeping arc" during which the wrestlers feet go directly over their head.

Greco-Roman - International wrestling style where neither opponent is allowed to attack the other below the waist.

Jacked - Term used to describe a wrestler with above average musculature. AKA "deisel."


Lactic Acid - A by-product of anaerobic glycolysis and anaerobic metabolism. ie. wrestling.

Lactic acid saturates muscle tissue during anaerobic activity.  When the body can no longer process the build-up, fatigue sets in and all muscular contractioins eventually stop.  But not before some of it is used as a fuel for mitochondria cells.

Hitting the Wall - Term used to describe the point where continuous physical activity has depleted carbohydrate stores and the body switches to fat and muscle tissue as an alternative fuel source.


Injury Default - A forfeit resulting from an injury which occured before or during a match.

Mitochondria - Cells that break down glucose and lactic acid to produce energy. They are the fuel cells for anaerobic activity.  The more mitochondria you have, the longer you can sustain anaerobic activity.


Near Fall - When a wrestler's back is exposed to the mat at a 45 degree angle or less for a specified period of time, depending on the discipline ie. folkstyle or freestyle.


Neutral - The starting position in all styles of wrestling where both opponents stand and face each other from their feet.  Wrestling matches always start in the "neutral" position.

NYSPHSAA - Acronym for New York State Public High School Athletic Association

Oxygen Debt - A condition that occurs when the demand for oxygen, especially by muscle cells during a period of strenuous physical exercise, is greater than the amount of oxygen that can be supplied by the lungs.

Parterre Position - The term for "referees position" in freestyle and greco-roman wrestling.

Plyometrics - The activity of rapid alternation of lengthening and shortening of specific muscle groups while resistance is continuously being applied to them.

Potentially Dangerous - A situation when one or both of the wrestlers is in a position where serious injury can occur.


Proprioception - A part of the Somatic Sensory system that allows you to sense the positioning of parts of the body in relation to other parts of the body and the environment using internal sensors in the feet, the hands, the joints, muscles and tendons.  Sometimes referred to as "spacial awareness."

Referees Position - Starting position where one wrestler is set on their hands and knees (disadvantage) and the other wrestler is set on top (advantage) with one knee alongside the wrestler, one arm around the waist and the other arm is placed at the elbow of the opponent.

Reversal - From the referees position, when the bottom wrestler reverses position and secures control in the top position.

Riding Time - A 1 point bonus In college wrestling awarded to the wrestler that exceeds the other in the top position for one minute or more.


Stalling - When one or both wrestlers fail to initiate action.

Sucked Out - The unsightly physical appearance caused by excessive weight-loss and dehydration.

Sucking Weight - The wrestling term used to describe losing weight.


Takedown - From the neutral position.  When a wrestler takes his opponent down to the mat from their feet to their knees or back and establishes control.


Top - The wrestler who is on top (advantage) in the referees position.


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