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AB Band System Soviet Wrestling Secret Weapon: Resistance Band Training

The best way to do anything is to find a system that already works and emulate it...

When it comes to international wrestling dominance, the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries defined the standard for “world class” wrestling.  I was always frustrated and intrigued by their success.  What type of training were these guys doing to be so successful? They even looked different than our wrestlers.  While the U.S. team had muscular physics like the gymnasts, the Soviets often looked more like regular guys.

As it turns out, they looked different because they trained different.  From strength training, to conditioning and even recovery, they were miles ahead of the pack.  Today, after the break-up of the former Soviet Union, much more is known about how they did it.

One of the secrets to their training was the use of resistance bands.  I’ve spoken to Andrey Brener, the 2X Ukrainian National Freestyle Champion who developed the AB Band system many times and he freely admits that the secret does not lie in the resistance bands.  It lies in the training system, especially for wrestlers. 

I can tell you the AB Band system without the accompanying DVD is like trying to drive a Ferrari with four flat tires.  You won’t get much out of it.  The training system is packed with hands on instruction on how to use the system for wrestling technique and endurance training.  Are you still skeptical?  Then download this review of the AB Band System:


AB Band Serious Training for Serious Wrestlers

The AB Band System includes a little nylon gizmo that allows you to anchor the resistance bands to a door jamb or a belt attached to your waist.  The bands don’t use handles, which helps improve your grip strength and come in different levels of resistance to match the wrestler’s weight and ability.  The training DVD is sold seperately, but highly recommended.

If you want more information about the AB Band System and Andrey Brener, click on this link: 

AB Band System

By: Rick Contrata


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