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Celebrities & Other Famous People Who Wrestled


Below, you'll find a list of famous people who wrestled.  Some you may have known of, like the Baldwin brothers, who were instrumental in bringing back wrestling to SUNY Binghamton, but others even surprised me.  They come from Hollywood, the Military, Washington and even Rap music, but they all share a common thread with you... They wrestled.

Robin Williams -Actor/Comedian

Roone Arlege -Ex. Producer, TV Pres.

John Roberts -Chief Justice

Bruce Willis -Actor

John McCain –U.S.Senator

Al Franken -Actor/Comedian

Norman Schwarzkopf  -Famous U.S. General

George Washington -1st President

Chuck Hagel -U.S. Senator

Jay Leno -Actor/Comedian

Ricky Schroeder -Actor

Ludacris -Rapper

Stephen Baldwin -Actor

Daniel Baldwin -Actor

Tom Cruise -Actor

Martin Lawrence -Actor/Comedian

Donald Rumsfeld –Former Sec. of Defense

John Irving -Novelist

George Stephanopoulos -Former White House Aide/Political Pundit

Lincoln Chafee –U.S. Senator

Kirk Douglas -Actor

Howard Dean -Politician

Tony Danza -Actor

Dwight Eisenhower -President and U.S. General

David Chokachi -Actor

Ashton Kucher -Actor

John Rowland -Former CT Governor

Wrestling U.S. Presidents

George Washington

Andrew Jackson

Zachary Taylor

Abraham Lincoln

Ulysses S. Grant

Chester A. Arthur

Theodore Roosevelt

William Howard Taft

Calvin Coolidge


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