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Free & Easy to Use, Online Fitness, Nutrition, Body Fat  & Weight Calculators

Free fitness, health and weight calculators can take you from just wondering where you rank on standard fitness, health and weight charts to the reality of your overall health and fitness.  We've got a few different online fitness, nutrition and weight calculators for you to use right on this web page. Hang out for a few minutes and check em' out. They're free, interactive and easy to use.

The fitness and health calculators will display individual interactive calculators. Just click on the icons for each calculator and follow the easy fill-in-the-blanks instructions. Now that you've just run out of excuses for getting some information on your health and fitness, let's get on with it!

Target Heart Rate Calculator

What's your targeted heart rate in beats per minute based on your age and your level of exercise? Just click on the Target Heart Rate Banner below, enter the numerical values, click on calculate and find out.

Target heart rate calculator


Body Mass Index Calculator

What's your Body Mass Index? Just click on the Body Mass Index banner below, enter your height and weight, then click calculate to find out.

Body mass index calculator


Calorie Needs Calculator

Do you know what your daily calorie needs are? Click on the Calorie Needs banner below. Enter values for gender, height, weight, age and your activity level. Then click calculate to find out.  


Caloric needs calculator


Nutritional Needs Calculator

What are your daily nutritional needs? First go to the Caloric Needs Calculator, you'll need those results to determine your daily nutritional needs. Then click on the Nutritional Need banner below, enter the value of your daily caloric needs, then click on calculate. You'll find out your daily nutritional needs based on grams for carbs, proteins and fats.

Nutritional needs calculator


Ideal Weight Calculator

Ah, yes …­The Ideal Weight Calculator. My favorite; click on the banner below and just choose your gender and height. Then click calculate for the results.

Ideal weight calculator


Body Fat Calculator

Another favorite is the Body Fat Calculator. This calculator gives you your body fat content based on a percentage of your total body weight. You'll need to grab a tape measure for this one. Click on the Body Fat Calculator banner below and choose your gender. Then enter the values for your weight and circumference of your waist, wrist, hip and forearm. Items marked with an aterisk are for women only. Click on calculate to get the results.

Body Fat calculator


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