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Balance Training the Frontal Sagittal & Transverse Planes of Motion

As we continue talking about balance, we wanted to quickly touch on balance training and the three planes of motion. As we've repeated many times before, balance and movement in all sports and physical activity is a whole body event; not one joint or limb at a time. In the same vein, when we think about the three planes of motion and the role of balance training, we don't want to categorize them as separate events. Most activities require simultaneous use of all three planes of motion.

There are three planes that divide the body into separate and distinct ranges of motion.

Frontal Plane - Also known as the coronal plane, divides the body from front to back. Frontal plane motion would include leaning from left to right.

Sagittal Plane - Divides the body from left to right. Sagittal plane motion would include bending forward and leaning back.

Transverse Plane - Divides the body from top to bottom. Transverse plane motion would include rotating the head or torso.

Wrestlers constantly use all three planes of motion, under load and dynamically.


By: Rick Contrata

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