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How I Measure Success in Wrestling By Marc Zurla

Success in Wrestling isn’t always measured by the number of matches you’ve won, or how many tournaments or championships you’ve won. In the long run, success in wrestling is measured in the life lessons and skills you’ve picked up along the way.

Through wrestling we learn discipline, work ethic, mental and physical toughness and most of all it teaches us the importance of sportsmanship and having respect for your opponent. It goes without saying that here in North Rockland we are known for our athletics. There is a certain level of pride that goes along with being a student athlete here at North Rockland High School.

We are the team that every other school wants to beat, and we are the school that every other school looks up to and admires. Here in North Rockland we are very lucky to be a part of a community that truly thrives on athletics. What sets us apart from other high schools is our continued “Tradition of Excellence and our Pride.”

Every time I put on my Red Raider singlet, and walk on the mat I am filled with pride- because I know that I am representing one of the best athletic programs in this state. The North Rockland Wrestling Program has so much to offer, but most of all North Rockland teaches you to be proud.

Every time you walk off the mat, win or lose, be proud of yourself, be proud of your coaches, be proud of your team and most importantly be proud to be a Red Raider. I know for sure that I am. It has been my greatest pleasure to represent and wrestle for such a great team at a great time in history. It has also been my privilege to stand before all of you, one last time - My family- The North Rockland Wrestling Team.

By: Marc Zurla

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