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Sports Medicine - Introduction to Sports Medicine

No matter how cautious athletes are, how safe they think they may be, and how much you think it won't happen to you, in athletics it is only a matter of time before an athlete will get injured or become sick.

In order to compete in athletics, some where some how you must battle a force or stress. Forces come in all shapes and sizes. You may battle heat, wind, collisions, and more. When your body can no longer take the stress of that force, muscles pull/strain/tear, ligaments sprain, bones fracture, and or you become ill.

If an athlete is injured or sick he or she may not be able to compete. If the injury or illness is severe enough then it may degrade his/her performance for the rest of his/her athletic career. It will make it tougher for the athlete to be successful if he/she is injured or suffers from an illness.

However, with good sound technique, nutrition, conditioning, etc.; most injuries and illnesses can be prevented and some can even be eliminated. For those injuries and illnesses that do happen, an athletes only hope is recovery and rehabilitation.

This sports medicine section is a valuable resource of information pertaining to injury and illnesses. In addition, we will try to provide you with up to date information on ways to make sports safer by injury and illness prevention.

By: Craig Angle - ME.d, ME.d, ATC, CSCS

Author of the book: How to Raise a Successful Athlete

Former CEO: The AThlete Project

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