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Wrestling Psychology Developing Mental Toughness for Wrestling  

Mental Toughness - Performing at your optimal level regardless of circumstances. Sam Maniar Ph D.  Defining mental toughness as circumstantial, leads to different interpretations of how to develop it.

There’s mental toughness on an emotional level, like knowing when to end a bad relationship even though the loss will feel devastating.

Then there’s mental toughness on a social level.  An example is knowing when not to succumb to peer pressure even though the result could mean feelings of isolation.

There are physical forms of mental toughness too.  Freeing one’s self from the dependence of alcohol or drug addiction can lead to the physical pain of withdrawal.

When it comes to mental toughness for wrestling, one must consider the thought process of the athlete under extreme conditions of physical fatigue along with confidence, desire and motivation.

We’ve collected some resources that might help wrestlers understand and develop their mental toughness.  Just download any or all of these studies and see if they can help you increase your performance levels using the mental tools within your own mind.

The Mentally Tough Athlete - University of North Texas Newsletter

What is Mental Toughness & How to Develop it - Penn State University Study

Discovering Mental Toughness - Study of Mental Toughness in Elite Athletes

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By: Rick Contrata

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