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Youth Evolution Sports CEO Scott Lancaster - The New Generation of Youth Sports Skill Progression 

A 2001 study by the National Alliance for Youth Sports found that 70% of U.S. kids who sign up for sports, quit by the time they were 13 because it wasn't fun anymore.

The state of youth sports in the United States is at a crossroads.  Between the delusional expectations of parents and coaches and the win at all costs attitude of many youth sports programs, its no wonder why there is such a disconnect when kids fail to move from youth to high school competition.

Even those these stats prove a youth athlete problem exists, few people have endeavored to try and correct it.  Even fewer have a proven program to change the current negative culture.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered there is a new generation of youth sports mentoring programs that among other things, puts the fun and enjoyment of participation back into youth athletics.

Scott Lancaster

Youth Evolution Sports founder and CEO Scott Lancaster, who has also  authored 2 books, has developed proven programs in youth sports philosophy and athletic skill progression.  Here's an example:

In November 2000, Lancaster organized and moderated the inaugural national NFL Flag Football Championship in Disney World, allowing only kids to call the plays with parents and coaches observing from the sidelines. The event provided a model for addressing the negative behaviors by adults that plague youth sports programs nationwide.

Since 1991, Scott has cut his teeth developing the NFL’s and USA Soccer’s youth programs. His innovative turnkey approach has reinvented football, providing a more family-friendly way to play.

The approach incorporates a progression of skill development, allowing a more sensible path for young athletes to play traditional football in their later years. Among the youth programs that have been initiated are NFL Flag, Junior Player Development, High School Player Development, Player Development camps and the growth of Punt, Pass and Kick.

Scott’s philosophy combines youth athletic instruction, coaching and teaching tips, seasonal practice guides, game management tools and backyard activities to help young athletes progress from youth athletics to the next level of competition without losing sight of keeping sports fun and enjoyable.

When you visit the Youth Evolution Sports website, you'll find that the information, tips and tools can be used by athletes of any sport from basketball to wrestling because many basic athletic skill training protocols like balance and strength training for kids are transferrable to every sport.  Again, Scott's approach is to bring back fun and enjoyment to youth sports.

Scott Lancaster's new book - Athletic Fitness for Kids, is a conditioning program designed to fully develop a young athlete’s physical skills without dropout, injury, or burnout.  It includes drills, games, and exercises that cross over with popular sports.  The book is available through Section One at Amazon.  Just click the link below to buy it now.

By: Rick Contrata

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